A man, a van, and a dog: How they stole my heart

Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Lauren. I’m the one who came along and surprised Justin with a serious relationship after he chose a twin size bed for his van's buildout. (Okay, it’s actually slightly smaller than a twin size bed. I was being generous.) Anyway, it's very cuddle-y. And don’t forget, Achilles is a … Continue reading A man, a van, and a dog: How they stole my heart

Vanlife With a Dog: Achilles the Copilot

So, you want to embark on a van-dwelling adventure but not sure whether to bring Fido or not?  No problem! I’ve had my tiny life companion sharing the van with me for two years with minimal issues.  That being said, there are some things to consider. You probably shouldn't just throw your dog in the … Continue reading Vanlife With a Dog: Achilles the Copilot

Frieda: The Sprinter Campervan

To the right eye, Frieda can be quite the head turner.  And to anyone interested in the vanlife she is definitely a conversation starter!  Sadly, I never documented the build out of my van to share with everyone. It seemed like a lot of work, and I didn't realize at the time how much it … Continue reading Frieda: The Sprinter Campervan

Why the Vanlife?

Climbing rocks changed my life. Easy as that. I found a new passion to push myself to my physical and mental limits while immersed in nature. Actually, passion doesn’t quite define it. It’s more than just a mere passion, it’s an absolute obsession. And with all obsessions, be it positive or negative, life must bend … Continue reading Why the Vanlife?