We aren’t just talking about a shoe (sandal?) that can walk through rivers and up mountains with general ease. We are talking about a status symbol that you choose to wear on your feet. Nothing says “I care more about function than style” like strapping on some kicks designed in the paleolithic era and shit stomping your way around the city or local crag. We don’t wear Chacos because they look cool. We wear Chacos because WE ARE COOL.

justin and lauren-2
Take note of the footwear. Probably the only reason she is kissing me.

“Dress for the Job You Want”

CHAW-J106600-051017-S18-HERO_800xKicking your feet up on the nearest bench and being recognized as an experienced outdoorsman is one thing. But feeling like you’re strapped to a couple of mobile clouds (with arch support) is another. The Chaco isn’t some run-of-the-mill sandal (shoe?) that you buy at your local Wally World. This is an expert piece of versatile footwear that is focused on durability and comfort. These aren’t Teva’s here.

Ever see a man with a 16-month-old child strapped to his chest and the keys of a minivan dangling out of his pocket by a non-rated carabiner? Yeah, that man is wearing Teva’s.

Ever see a mustachioed man shirtless in the woods chopping wood one-handed while simultaneously enjoying a fine cigar? You guessed it. That man is most definitely wearing Chacos. 

I know you can’t see my feet, but you’re going to have to take my word for it. They are strapped in some Chacos.

They Aren’t Cute, But They Have a Good Personality

But Chacos are ugly! Why would I want to wear those when my Birkenstocks are so hip? Good question. Probably because you’ll want a heel strap, comfort, arch support, and some durability when you’re hiking four miles to the base of a climb. This is unless there happens to be a Starbucks at the base of this route. In that case, I think the Birks might just be right up your alley.

Nobody cares what you look like out here

We know Chacos are ugly. But that’s their beauty as well. Whether you’re alone or among your closest friends out in nature, nobody cares about your clothes. Nobody is worried about matching their North Face jackets to their Patagonia pants and nobody cares if you’re wearing cute shoes. However, people in the elements do care about functionality and comfortability (the two departments that the Chaco reigns supreme).

Passion Before Fashion

What do I do now? That’s easy. If you are already the proud owner of some of the world’s greatest footwear, simply keep enjoying your life. Keep summiting mountains, fording rivers, and riding rapids. Keep being awesome. However, if you’re currently lacking your own pair of “Air Herc’s”, it’s prime time that you join the #chachonation. Liberate your toes and liberate your soul. Feel free to come and join the elite group of outdoorsmen/women with happy feet and happier lives. We’re waiting for you!

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