Review: Trango Ration Pack

Lucky me! I recently received a new multipitch bag from Trango.  And let me tell you, I had no idea how much difference a little bag like that could make.   I’ve yet to have been lucky enough to take it out on any crazy alpine expeditions or anything crazy yet.  However, my partner and I … Continue reading Review: Trango Ration Pack

Van Solar Power Setup. Tips and Calculations.

One of the most asked questions, by far, is how Frieda powers herself.  The non-vanlifers are usually pretty amazed just to find out its solar power.  However, the veterans of our craft obviously already know that and are simply inquiring about the more important specs.  I already covered the basics in The Basic Build-out of … Continue reading Van Solar Power Setup. Tips and Calculations.

Climbing Season in Joshua Tree

The J-tree climbing season is right around the corner, and if you live in or around Southern California, chances are that you’re just as stoked as I am!  Joshua Tree is a 1,200 square mile sea of orange granite with a rich history in the climbing community. Many of the greats cut their teeth (and hands) … Continue reading Climbing Season in Joshua Tree

Why the Vanlife?

Climbing rocks changed my life. Easy as that. I found a new passion to push myself to my physical and mental limits while immersed in nature. Actually, passion doesn’t quite define it. It’s more than just a mere passion, it’s an absolute obsession. And with all obsessions, be it positive or negative, life must bend … Continue reading Why the Vanlife?