Climbing rocks changed my life. Easy as that. I found a new passion to push myself to my physical and mental limits while immersed in nature. Actually, passion doesn’t quite define it. It’s more than just a mere passion, it’s an absolute obsession.

And with all obsessions, be it positive or negative, life must bend to its whim.  

Within a year span of my climbing “career”, I was living in a van. I have now been full-time in my van (Frieda) for about two years. Two glorious years. Over the span of these two years, I have learned more than I can imagine. Not just the essentials of living in a tiny space, but how to utilize my tiny home to maximize my time on the rock or immersed in the natural beauty of the world. Where to park and sleep, not just where nobody will mess with you, but where you can wake up to see true beauty.


Through rock climbing and van living, I’ve learned mental fortitude I never I knew I possessed.  I learned how to be alone and how to be social all at once. Rigging systems, gear placements, physics, and psychology. I have found that by removing the distractions of everyday life I have been able to focus more on what really matters to me. Without television or having to transit to and from home, I have found that there is much more time in a day for my passions.

Professional dirtbag, mountaineer, and rock climber Fred Becky once said, “I have more spare time than money.” And to me, that sounded like the words of one of the richest men in the world. There is only a finite amount of time we have on this earth. We need to cherish every moment and embrace every opportunity. The vanlife has opened my eyes to my priorities… I don’t think It will be changing any time soon.

This is my home.  Frieda.

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